Who are Better Drivers – Men or Women?

It is common to hear jokes about women drivers; however, these jokes actually do not speak the truth. In the U.S. there is a reason why women pay less for their auto insurance than men. According to auto insurance studies, women are actually better drivers than men.

Quality Planning, an analytics company, released a study that has confirmed that women have better driving skills than men. The study assessed the different types of vehicle violation codes to find out which gender violated the codes more often. They found that male drivers received more traffic violations than women. Because men violated these laws more than women, they had more vehicle accidents that resulted in expensive damage. These violations include speeding and violation of the passing and yielding law. The study found that men are cited for reckless driving “3.41 more times than women.” Men also receive more violations for DUIs and stop sign/signal violations. As well, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that more men than women are killed in die in vehicle crashes each year. Women are more likely to get in a minor accident such as a fender bender.

Because of these studies, insurance companies rate men as a higher risk so their premiums are higher than women’s premiums. Although these statistics are bad news for men, there are ways men can reduce their insurance premiums. For instance, the best way to find cheap car insurance is to use an online insurance quote comparison tool available on insurance websites. Once users fill out the online form, they click submit, and in a matter of seconds, they will receive a list of cheap auto insurance quotes from various insurance providers. They can then choose the best quote that meets their budget and coverage needs.

Although online comparison shopping for a cheap insurance policy will help both men and women find cheap auto insurance, the best way men can reduce their insurance premiums is by keeping their driving record clean by driving more carefully.

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  2. Men violated these laws more than women, they had more vehicle accidents that resulted in expensive damage.

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